Why We Don't Do Refacing!

An answer to a question we are asked frequently.

Refacing is Not a Good Value! Here’s Why.

20 years ago, refacing was quite popular, mostly with age in place seniors. It had a measure of value for those who didn't have the budget for new kitchen cabinetry. Unfortunately, the industry was fraught with scammers and high-pressure sales tactics.

At that time, Kitchen Works refaced well over 100 kitchens in the Springfield, MO area and surrounding cities. We strived to offer a great value and a quality finished product. It was quite labor intensive and usually took us 3-5 days per kitchen as the process went like this.

Remove the avocado or gold 4x4 wall tile, rip off the laminate countertops, install refacing material on face frames and end panels, add new doors and drawers with fronts, re-install some type of new backsplash to cover the damaged walls from tile removal and finally, install new laminate tops. It seemed as if we were performers, as almost every husband and wife (retired) pulled up a chair to watch us work. It was a lot of work, dust and noise.

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Fast Forward to Today

Today, we no longer reface kitchens. The reason being is that we have cabinetry (very nice cabinetry at that) that costs the same or in some cases a little more than refacing would, and we can tear out and install them in 2 days. It's a much better value and investment for your home - and it's faster.

Unfortunately, many people have fallen for the "put new granite on your outdated cabinets" advice as well and find themselves in a dilemma with expensive countertops sitting on ugly cabinets. For those of you who have that problem, I suggest you consider painting them yourself. You'll save several thousand dollars going that route, but be sure to use the best cabinet paint Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore offers. Just like putting a new engine in an old car, cabinet refacing is not a good value!

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